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Hello My daughter Katherine and her classmate had a school assignment where they had to write a story that featured a hero. Inspired by her leadership in guiding Islanders through this pandemic, they chose Dr. Morrison as their hero. The title of the story is Bertha's Emergency / L'urgence de Berta. It's the story of and elderly lady who comes into the hospital because she has difficulty breathing. The nurse believes she is having a panic attack but the next day Bertha has a bad cough. They hear a loud Boom and in comes Dr. Morrison with her virus testing machine. Dr. Morrison performs the test which reveals Bertha has Covid19. Dr. Morrison proceeds to heal Bertha with her magical hand-healing powers and within a few hours, Bertha feels better. Confused the nurse asks Dr. Morrison if she is dreaming but she explains to the nurse that it is real. She lives up in the sky and when she sees someone in medical need, she comes down to help. The next day Bertha thanks the nurse and Dr. Morrison for saving her life and goes back home. Dr. Morrison returns to the sky and continues helping people in need. Here is a little collage of the story.
- Rejeanne Arsenault, Prince County

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